May 7, 2012

spring buffet

Besides the annual fundraiser, we also have a semi-annual buffet luncheon in the PCR that draws in the campus/greater SF community. For a mere $17 there were unlimited appetizers, entrees, desserts and coffee/tea.

I was an entree server (citrus fennel mahi mahi or mushroom chicken anyone?) but managed to get a few photographs of the appetizer side of things.

Fruit and cheese plates, pretty standard. Ice sculpture swan? Not as much.

fruit & cheese platters

Cold cut platter (here are some buffet platters I assembled last semester when I was in meat lab).

cold cuts

Sushi plates (to see sushi I've made before, read this blog post).

sushi platters

Kale salad (here's a recipe you can try at home).

kale salad

We had 100+ people come through, and as a server it was very pleasant interacting with the clientele (especially when contrasted with the experience of serving in the cafeteria). Surprisingly enough there was a contingent of German study abroad students, and upon discerning this I was able to practice some of my German and be of some assistance at the same time (in identifying meats and what not). Strange the skills that will prove useful in the most unexpected of places...


  1. Hi Jo, nice photos! I randomly came here while trying to find a picture of a rondo on google. It looks like you're getting quite a wide exposure which is fantastic!

    I am also in the food industry. I worked at Nota Bene and Bistro 990 (now closed), both of which are in Toronto.

    I love kale.

    I also love fresh pasta. You should try rolling it out by hand once so you can make it for anyone, anywhere without needing a roller.

    Yes, this is a really random comment. Have a good day!

  2. Thanks for reading Jimmy!

    Did you find the picture you needed? If not I would be happy to take a picture of a rondo for you. Let me know!