May 5, 2012

ice sculpture dragon

Things have been busy at school. The biggest news being that the school is considering shutting down the cafeteria to close the $250,000 budget gap. Needless to say, we've been doing everything in our power to make sure this doesn't happen, both so culinary students can continue to have a place to test their skills and so other City College students can continue to have a place to get an affordable, nutritious and tasty meal.

A lot of push went behind our annual Wok on the Wild Side fundraiser. Chef Oakley spent the entirety of a Garde Manger class carving an ice sculpture dragon. First, maneuvering the block into place.

moving the block

Chef's rough sketch of the sculpture was comical to us, only because we knew just how elaborate and professional the sculpture would be, and the sketch was kind of the opposite of that.

rough sketch

First Chef cut out the arm piece - this was to be set aside and fused back into the block (to stick out like arms) with the help of ice water slush.

first cuts

As we sat and watched, the dragon took shape. First it appeared very similar to the sketch.

rough dragon

The detailing makes all the difference - the eyes didn't even get carved till last but just the ridges and scales made it come to life.

detailed dragon

And bite me, of course ;)

dragon biting me

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