May 24, 2012

dessert station

After Tableside I rotated to the Dessert station, where Clarisse and I took turns either manning the dessert cart in the dining room or plating desserts in the back.

The desserts we presented/plated all came out of first semester Plated Desserts station. I was in that station once (making things like lemon panna cotta and green tea creme brulee). It was kind of like coming around full circle.

On the day where I got to be in the back, these were the desserts I had to be ready to plate:

Mini apple pie, with dried apple chip, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce:

mini apple pie

Flourless chocolate cake with chocolate sauce, chocolate pieces and cocoa powder:

flourless chocolate cake

Strawberry napolean with strawberry sauce and garnish:

strawberry napolean

Banana bread pudding with whipped cream quenelle, caramel sauce and bananas brulee:

banana bread pudding

Given the options I decided to be very organized and lay out all the different ingredients I needed to plate each dish. I even make a list:

dessert station setup

Sadly very little orders came in, but I was able to use the time to work on my plated dessert project for Advanced Baking - buttered popcorn ice cream sundae.

buttered popcorn ice cream sundae

Don't worry, I'll talk about it in my next post!

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