May 27, 2012

last day

I thought my 3rd semester would end with the mini reuben sandwiches in Garde Manger. Or, at least, I thought the blogging part would end there because the last couple of days would be cleaning and quizzes, nothing exciting. I was wrong.

Although the cafeteria was shut down for the last two days of class, Mr. Stellman decided to sell flat-rate combo meals as a fundraiser for the Five Star Club. The first day went smoothly and we raised something like $1500.

The second day... well. I just remember it being 11am, a bunch of us staring at sheet trays full of raw chicken, and it dawning on us that we were scheduled to open at 11:15am. Mr. Stellman thought it might not even be worth it to still do the fundraiser. My thought was: "Well what are we going to do with this chicken?!" So then came the flurry of torn plastic wrap, hands moving and pieces of raw chicken flying onto parchment papered sheet trays into the oven, packets of sausage and veggie burgers slit open and arranged onto more trays... and of course this was the one day of school I decided not to wear my chef coat and work boots. Instead I was wearing a sweaterdress and leggings, handling all the raw chicken while running around like a chicken with its little head cut off.

Mr. Stellman pushed back opening time to noon, and I'm proud to say that we had trays of food in the warmer before them, replete with barbecue sauce straight out of the container. I'm sure the prospective student tour groups being led through the kitchen were like WTF, but I didn't care, that disaster junkie part of me is still alive and well and it was on fire that day.

barbecue fundraiser

Three of us (Jordan, Cris and I) put out a good 100+ chicken legs, 50+ sausage links and 20+ veggie burgers in under an hour. I was proud and ate my last cafeteria meal very satisfied.

staff meal

It was a good end to the past three semesters.

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  1. So, What's next now that you're done in the school kitchen?