February 25, 2012

sushi again

In Garde Manger Chef Oakley decided to let us take a break from station assignments, and to spend a class making sushi. It was very similar to the sushi workshop I attended last semester, so I didn't document much of the process at all, just took pictures of the few rolls I made.

This was shredded rock crab with avocado. I added a line of sriracha to spice things up.

rock crab avocado roll

This was spicy tuna with tobiko.

spicy tuna tobiko roll

This was a cucumber shittake tobiko avocado roll. I had to take the avocado out in order to roll it up - that's how full it was.

mushroom cucumber avocado roll

Since I was hungry, I ate each roll almost as soon as I made it. We were supposed to cut the rolls up and present them. Here are Chef's:

chef's sushi assortment

Lastly, we made nigiri. I thought the three pieces I made looked like a family.

nigiri family

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