February 12, 2012

burrito station

After two weeks of staring at this (and repetitively ladling and occasionally burning my hand) I was very glad to switch into doing some actual food assemblage.

soup station

My next station assignment was the sandwich/nacho station in the Latin Quarter, the themed quick-service outlet we have next to the cafeteria that I did prep for last semester. The sandwich/nacho station is merged with burrito station, which meant that McKenna was my partner in crime. Here she is with our daily batch of guacamole. Gangster.

guacamole gangster

I don't know why but guacamole used to be something we ordered pre-made. Not that I'm all for pre-made stuff, but we go through so much a day it's extremely helpful to have it pre-made. That and we never have time to prep - that's the secret of third semester: you have to find time outside of class to prep.

Thankfully though, most of our station's stuff is prepped by second semester students. We just have to make sure to order everything we need (and enough of it) the day before. Here's the hot stuff:

burrito station mise

And the cold stuff:

burrito station mise 2

McKenna and I learned how to make each other's items so we could cover for each other as orders came in, as sometimes they come in really fast. Within a two-hour window we make about 50 burritos, 20-30 nachos and 10 sandwiches. And this excludes our specials...

plating nachos

Don't worry, I took this picture when it wasn't busy :)

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