February 25, 2012

hot expo

After sandwich/nacho station I moved to the hot expo position in the Latin Quarter. This meant that I did expediting for the hot line, which meant yelling out ticket orders and sending hot food down to the expo pickup (who would then hand the food to customers). Besides this yelling/delivery duty I also took care of miscellaneous accoutrements, which included deep-frying a bunch of things. Like churros (which is just pâte à choux in an elogated shape).

frying churros

These I would finish in a cinnamon sugar mixture.

cinnamon sugaring churros

I also fried/salted tortilla chips for nacho station. It's amazing how much better freshly fried tortilla chips are compared to the bagged kind. The prep station cut up tortilla rounds for me every day.

frying tortilla chips

I also fried french fries for our lomo saltado dish.

fries & chips

I also fried papas rellenas, or breaded mashed potato balls with a ground beef mixture inside. These went out with chipotle mayo dipping sauce.

tacos & papas rellenas

I also fried fish for fish tacos, which in our case is breaded mahi. I also garnished tacos - fish tacos would get coleslaw and salsa fresca, while the beef/chicken/carnitas/veggie tacos would get shredded cheese, roasted salsa and lettuce. Then I would add sliced radish, pickled jalapeño, lime wedges and cilantro. So much color.

fish tacos

This was my mise-en-place, with all the sauces and garnish ingredients. Oh and also salad ingredients for our Mexican salad - romaine, cherry tomatoes, tortilla strips, queso fresco, scallions and avocado dressing. So authentic, I know.

hot expo mise-en-place

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