February 12, 2012

elote special!

Between McKenna and I we had to come up with one special every day. My idea was to do grilled Mexican corn, or elote. My first experience with this dish was at Habana Outpost in Brooklyn. They have an outdoor patio where food is served out of a truck. The corn wasn't just freshly grilled, it was topped with cotija (crumbly white) cheese, chili powder and lime. I fell in love with the crunchy creamy spicy tangy sweet savoriness of it and wanted to replicate it.

First grilling the corn:

grilling corn

Then I smothered the corn in a mayonnaise mixture (with cayenne, salt and lime juice - exact measurements here), sprinkled queso fresco over it (cotija wasn't available for order) and garnished with cilantro and lime wedges.

elote special

My sources say it tasted pretty good. I liked the mayonnaise mixture myself - could probably use it on all manner of fried foods.

Since I grilled 24 ears and we only sold 10, we cut the kernels and used them up for specials the next day - as garnish for our chorizo and beef nachos. Yum!

chorizo & beef nacho special

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