February 25, 2012

making truffles

After the demo, it was our turn to make chocolate. Marianne and I started with truffles. I made the ganache, which consisted of 4oz heavy cream, 1oz light corn syrup and toasted coconut bits brought to a simmer, then poured over 8oz of white chocolate and mixed together.

coconut white chocolate ganache

While she tempered dark chocolate, I tempered white chocolate for decor work.


Succeeded in making white chocolate curls and a decor piece (from spreading it over patterned acetate paper).

white chocolate decor

Once Marianne was ready we coated a truffle mold with dark chocolate. Of course I had chosen the fleur de lys truffle mold, which was the hardest shape to fill, EVER.


Once that was done we piped the coconut white chocolate ganache in and covered it.

ganache filling

Sometime after that we discovered that our chocolate had come out of temper, and I freaked out thinking our truffles wouldn't unmold/would just be ruined. Chef told us to throw the mold in the fridge, and about 15 minutes later came the moment of truth.

moment of truth

I was apprehensive but all the truffles in the mold came out, thank goodness.

fleur de lys truffles

Here's the assortment of truffles made by all the teams in class.

truffle assortment

My three favorites were the ones with lavendar, raspberry and passionfruit ganaches. I made coconut because the truffles were for my mom :)

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