March 25, 2012

patacone pita

Last day of A La Minute Vegetarian, wanted to use up all the pitas. So I found this Latin inspired recipe.

frying bananas

Sadly the plantains I ordered came in green and didn't ripen as expected, so I ended up using bananas. They were sweeter, but provided good contrast to the savory components. One customer actually came up to me after her meal and asked how I prepared them since she loved the sweetness and saved them for last to eat, almost like a dessert. I told her I just fried them and crumbled some feta cheese on top.

pita special mise-en-place

Besides the portabello mushrooms that the recipe called for, I also added caramelized onion.

patacone pita special

And instead of mixing the arugula into everything, I just dressed it (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper) and topped that with sliced avocado like a side salad. Made it delicious and pretty.

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