March 24, 2012

cheesy grits-stuffed tomatoes

Day 2 of A La Minute Vegetarian and I had another stuffed vegetable special. Instead of bell pepper I decided to do tomatoes, stuffed with cheesy grits. Basically this recipe. I thought I would do a spin-off of grilled cheese, since grilled cheese sometimes involves tomatoes, I thought about how this had cheese and tomato and I could serve toast on the side.

tomatoes & cheesy grits

While I was scooping the seeds out of the tomatoes, I looked at the soupy innards gathering in the box marked for discard... and thought about tomato soup. More specifically, gazpacho - or cold tomato soup. I thought it'd be nice to use both the outside and inside of the tomato, the outside being used for a hot dish and the inside for a cold dish.

gazpacho ingredients

I used this recipe but omitted the liquid ingredients at the end (tobasco/worchestershire/tomato juice). All the solid stuff went into the robocoup and was food processed directly into gazpacho. All the veggie bits were strained out so the gazpacho would look nicer.


When time came I stuffed the tomatoes (which had done some time in the oven to soften up), then put them under the broiler to get a little char. These I garnished with some chopped parsley.

cheesy grits-filled tomatoes

As promised, these came served with buttered toast, a side of greens, and the cup of gazpacho.

cheesy grits-filled tomato special

Everything went together, although I thought the grits were a little garlicky. Nevermind though, sold out again :)

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