March 11, 2012

latin quarter specials

In the Latin Quarter I was chosen to be manager for a week. I'm glad that I was chosen for the position partway into the semester because this meant that I had a chance to rotate through different positions and really know how everything worked before I had to manage others in doing the same things. It certainly made the job easier, and made me feel like there was a point in being manager. Not only was I able to offer pointers to others, it also allowed me to jump in whenever somebody was missing or needed a break.

Here are some of the specials we ran that week -

Allen's flank steak with chimichurri sauce, accompanied by fried plantains, rice and beans:

flank steak to-go

Julius's shredded beef and chorizo nachos:

chorizo nachos

Tishara's grilled chicken torta, stuffed with avocado, cheese, lettuce and tomato and accompanied by a side of sour creamed plantains:

chicken torta

Julius's fried mahi salad, with papaya relish, cucumber, avocado and dill dressing:

fish salad

So delicious!

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  1. I read pretty much all of these, but this one looks so good I had to say something. One can not sit idly by and not speak out! My next laptop will have smellovision.