November 18, 2011

fluting mushrooms

Besides meat/protein, occasionally we get to do fun things that stray into the realm of garde manger. Like fluting mushrooms.

fluting mushrooms

I've fluted mushrooms before, with a channel knife, back in PCR for the shrimp louie salad. Fluting them with a paring knife is much harder, which is what Chef Oakley was trying to teach us. You know you're doing it right if the strips you carve out hang on the edge (see above) for you to peel off at the end.

fluted mushrooms

Here's the line-up of mushrooms I practiced on - some of them have stars in the middle because Chef taught us how to make designs using the tip of our paring knives.

indenting mushrooms

Besides stars there was also this pattern that spiraled outward to cover the entire mushroom cap.

indented mushrooms

My attempt is on the left. Chrissy got creative on the right and made a porcupine!

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