November 19, 2011

fun with potatoes

tourne-ed potato

Another vegetable we were taught to carve with a paring knife was the classic tourné-ed potato. As with fluting mushroom, it required steady hands and repeated fluid arching motions, which looks deceivingly easy once you've mastered it but is incredibly hard starting out. This one was my... tenth attempt?

potato mushroom

Chef Oakley also showed us other things we can do with potatoes, such as converting them into mushrooms (by whittling down one end and peeling spots off the other end).

potato claws

We also saw how to cut potatoes into two interlocking pieces - I call them claws because they look like crab claws to me.

kiwi claws

The next day when we were doing fruit platters I managed to recreate the technique on a kiwi. Just cut two vertical slits on either side, then with the fruit standing on a table edge, hold your knife at a 45 degree angle to the table edge and cut in till you hit the slit. Repeat with the other side, then pull the top and bottom apart!

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