November 18, 2011

grinding meat

From time to time we'll take all the accumulated scraps of meat (some too fatty to be eaten straight) and grind them all into ground meat.

grinding meat

The industrial grinder we have is really scary. It sucks down multiple pounds of meat at a time and grinds it up in seconds. A complete monster and a marvel of machinery.

One day we took two sheet trays full of twice-ground beef and turned it into hamburger patties with this other monster of a machine.

hamburger patty machine

You basically feed the top of the machine with ground beef and it ejects a patty at a time, complete with patty paper. All I had to do was take the ejected patties and pile them on a sheet tray and I couldn't even keep up with the machine.

sausage tying

Another thing Chef does with ground meat is turn it into sausage. This piece of machinery spits sausage mixture (not automatically but via churning) into casings, which are then tied up. I haven't gotten to use this yet, but hopefully once before the semester ends.


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