March 8, 2011

roasted vegetables and wild rice salad

After the whole caesar salad debacle, all I yearned for was the simplicity of cutting and prepping vegetables (and/or simply being told what to do). The latter not being an option, I decided to do a roasted vegetable and wild rice salad, not only because it would fulfill my vegetable-cutting dreams but also because it was a heavier, "warmer" salad for a cold day.

chopped vegetables
I love the colors and textures inherent in vegetables. So pretty to look at and interesting to eat.

pre-roasted vegetables
I didn't use a recipe for this one, just tossed the vegetables in my usual homestyle vinaigrette (which doubles as marinade): olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic salt, black pepper, and dried herbs (Italian blend works fine).

roasted vegetables
Here are the vegetables after roasting in the 350 degree oven for half an hour or so.

wild rice salad
For the starch portion of the salad I boiled wild rice and wheatberries (which almost pop like caviar when you chew them) and mixed them together. In the future I would mix some white rice in and make it more pilaf-y so it would have a more rounded mouthfeel (plus, easier to chew).

The dressing was the original vinaigrette with the addition of roasted garlic/shallots/onions and honey and dried cranberries and parsley.

wild rice salad, boxed
And again, presentation presentation. Isn't it funny that our tastes have evolved to where we are happier eating pretty things?

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