March 29, 2011

and that's a wrap!

In my last days of sandwich station, some people from pastry side rotated over so they could be trained (and in turn, train their pastry cohorts). Del and I were sent two bite-sized Asian girls, whom I proceeded to call our "minions".

Besides training them in the art of sandwich-making (and the art of filling-making, such as egg salad and tuna salad, which I still don't know), we also showed them how to fry chips as a side accompaniment. Here they are frying beet chips, which is made the same way as any other root vegetable chip - sliced with a mandoline and dropped into hot hot oil. I suppose you could bake them too, but I haven't yet made chips that way, only fries.

frying beet chips

Then there were things we didn't plan on teaching them but happened anyway - one day we wanted to make buffalo chicken sandwiches (shown in the last post) and it required the chicken breasts being pounded thin (the better to be fried!) and so we employed our minions as meat pounders. Small girl + big mallet = scary.

meat pounder

Then on my last day in sandwich, I coincidentally decided to make a wrap, thus concluding my rotation with how I began it. It was actually pretty slapdash of me. I hadn't felt like making anything that day so I was looking in the sandwich recipe binder for some inspiration, and I came across a chipotle chicken recipe, which was interesting because I'd never made anything with chipotles before. So I made chipotle chicken, and decided to put it in a wrap with some lettuce. But the wrap needed more, so I wanted to add rice, but it was too late to make rice, so Del found some already-made guacamole, and Chef suggested cheese, and I thought of sprouts, and ranch - and TA-DA, that's how something edible got made.

chipotle chicken wrap

And that's a wrap of my half-semester in savory!

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