March 29, 2011

sandwich me crazy

Having found my niche doing composed salads at salad station, it felt anti-climatic to be ending my half-semester on the savory side with sandwich station. As I rotated there, I expected to follow along with what the more experienced sandwich station people were making, and on my first day it was roast beef, arugula, and horseradish cream cheese wraps.

roast beef argula wraps

You lay down the wrap (an oversized tortilla), put down some spread, then lay out the ingredients like it's a pizza. You can roll it up burrito-style and cut it in half, but I chose to roll it up horizontally (without tucking the ends in) and then cutting the roll into slices, as you would to make hor d'Ĺ“uvre-type tortilla spiral sandwiches. Except then I stuck them on kebab sticks! Which made them look like lollipops.

wrap kebabs

So once I figured out there were presentation possibilities in sandwich, I got to working. The next day I decided to fancy myself with a 3D fruit garnish. I had chosen pineapples and oranges to complement the shrimp salad sandwich my partner Del was making (partially for the flavor, partially to offset the green and red of the cucumbers and tomatoes he was using). Not content simply to cut the pineapples and oranges into slices, I built this, with the addition of celery, parsley, and dried apricot.

fruit garnish

And together it looked like this.

sandwich presentation

Cole slaw was a common side dish to go along with the sandwiches we made because it pairs well with many cold sandwiches (we weren't allowed to make hot sandwiches because they wouldn't keep until lunch service). I got tired of making coleslaw pretty fast so a variation I made was asian coleslaw, where I added bell peppers and snow peas and used some sesame oil in the dressing.

buffalo chicken sandwich



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