March 29, 2011

an homage to salad

So in sandwich station every morning we made a batch of 32 regular sandwiches (8 egg salad, 8 tuna salad, then two more combinations like 8 turkey & swiss and 8 ham & american). Then after that we make two sandwich specials, usually one veggie and another non-veggie. Del and I got in the habit of making the non-veggie specials but it was hard coming up with ideas, probably because I don't eat that many sandwiches, or maybe because I simply don't get excited by sandwiches.

One idea I came up with was the Cobb salad sandwich, which, as you know, isn't exactly a sandwich idea (guess which station I missed being in!). I toasted the ciabatta bread (brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with Italian herbs) in the oven, Del grilled the chicken (with the addition of liquid smoke, some seriously potent stuff!), and we topped that off with the requisite lettuce/tomato/bacon/egg/avocado (so not kosher, as it has just occurred to me). I enjoyed doing all the arranging but also finishing with lines of ranch dressing from a squeeze bottle. Almost like painting!

cobb salad sandwich

A few days later Bernie, in salad station, made an actual Cobb salad. It turned out beautifully - just the kind of salad one would want to pay tribute to.

cobb salad

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