February 11, 2011

worn down

Bernie talked about blisters from the near-constant hand-washing we do, and I concurred with the cracked and rough patches on my own hands. (Which, after today, were joined by miniscule burns from the industrial griddle and hot oil.)
One of the people in our class quit the program today (as did a rumored several people from the pastry side).
Waking up early and dealing with difficult personalities does wear on you.


  1. I burned one of my fingertips when I was taking rolls out of the salamander. It's blistering right now. :/

  2. My Mother worked as a waitress and then ran restaurants as I was growing up. As I child I remember playing in commercial kitchens and at times running from knife wielding Chefs. This profession seems to draw people of passion. Remember this is just school and you will be hard pressed to remember the names of the one's who are now attempting to drain your energy.

    Big hug (save it when you need it)

  3. YOU CAN DO IT, JOSEPPE! I am in awe of you strength and courage... so what if there's no passion (yet)? Two out of three ain't bad.

    You're one of my favorite heroes.

    (ie anonymous)

  4. @Jayne: Thank you for the hug! Did those knife-wielding chefs turn you off from the profession ;)

    @Daniela: I have passion! It's hidden under layers of fatigue XD