February 13, 2011


I didn't mean for the tone of my last post to sound so weary. If I'm worn down in any way, it's just physically and not emotionally (otherwise I would never wake up in the morning). But, having rested up this weekend, I now have more upbeat things to say!

Like how a week spent in breakfast station has finally given me a good grasp of everything that needs to get done and how to go about it (and quickly). On the previous topic of eggs, I have gotten good at cracking two eggs at once.

egg cracking
Here are my teammates Naomi and Ariel in the middle of cracking two cases of eggs.

On Friday we were short on people (it was pretty much just me and Naomi and Ariel, half the number of people who are usually there) and I was told by Chef Morse to make two omelettes at once. And I protested my inability, and he said "you can do it", and I said "ok fine", and I did it, so now I can say that I can make two omelettes at once.

huevo ranchero omelette
The omelettes in question were huevo ranchero omelettes, my spin-off on the huevos rancheros we made the day before. Apparently my omelettes were the hot item of the day (in the student cafeteria, which we run).

huevos rancheros
These are the huevos rancheros I was talking about. Fried tortillas topped with beans and cheese, then topped with tomatillo sauce (salsa verde), then a fried egg, then garnished with cabbage/radish/pickled jalapenos/tomato/avocado/onion/cilantro and crumbled queso fresco. These, unlike the omelettes, were a breakfast specialty item (more on those later).

In terms of the breakfast staples we put out, there's muffins and danishes and things (from the pastry side), oatmeal and grits (made by the student chefs), omelettes and scrambled eggs,

sausage & potatoes
sausage and potatoes,

french toast-making
french toast,

mickey mouse pancake
and pancakes (though round and non-mickey mouse-y, unlike this one we experimented with).

All of these we get out of the way before we start the breakfast specialty items (like huevos rancheros). Will cover those in a later post!

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