February 19, 2011

bygone specials

This past week I have switched from breakfast station to service station (where we serve food to students/faculty/guests in the cafeteria). To commemorate my time in breakfast I'm going to post a couple of the specials I made:

smoked salmon bagel
This was a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel, artful arrangement courtesy of Chef Morse and replicated by yours truly.

toads in the holes
These were called toad-in-a-hole (also known as egg-in-a-basket), where an egg was cracked into the middle of a french toast and fried until the whites had set.

spinach torta ingredients
These were the ingredients for a spinach torta (recipe here) that I was real excited about but came out terribly because it was underseasoned inside and burnt on top. The idea is great though - a layer of baguette slices on bottom, spinach/red pepper/sausage/cheese piled on, then an egg + cream mixture poured throughout, all baked to yield a creamy quiche-y dish (similar to a strata, except in that cubes of bread are mixed in as opposed to slices on the bottom).

bacon open-faced sandwich
This was an open-faced bacon and egg sandwich (recipe here) I arranged myself. I never got to taste it though :(

sausage on a stick
This idea was a spin-off of hot dog on a stick, which is coincidentally Julius's employer.

To see specials created by my classmates as well as culinary school photos that have not been posted to this blog, please visit my flickr or see the new sidebar to the left!

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