October 7, 2012

pan-sauce chicken

For this portion of the semester, our advanced class is focused on sauces, both classic and modern. We started out with a pan-sauce for chicken.

First you take some oil and sear the chicken breast (salt & peppered, presentation side down) until it's golden.

chicken breasts

Turn over and sear the other side, then throw the chicken in the oven so the inside can cook.

chicken breast seared

While the chicken is roasting, take the pan you just used for searing and pour any excess oil out, leaving just the chicken fond (bits left over from searing). Throw in a little butter, then sautee mushrooms and shallots.

mushrooms, shallots

After they've cooked for a bit, deglaze with white wine and sherry vinegar (preferably this kind if you can get your hands on it), then add demiglace (or reduced/thickened brown stock).

vinegar, white wine, demiglace

Let the sauce simmer for a bit, then add some roasted garlic puree and a little more butter if needed.

butter, roasted garlic puree

Lastly, turn the heat off and stir in some chopped chives.


By the time your sauce is done, the chicken should be done too. Cut into the non-presentation side and check to see if the juices run clear. If not, put it back into the oven for another few minutes. Otherwise, pour the sauce over and serve!

chicken with pan-sauce

The sauce is rich but savory with a tang, and even better with creamy mashed potatoes. Mmm.

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