October 27, 2012

jazzing up ramen

My friend Jenn came over for dinner one evening and I had no idea what to make. She said she liked ramen but I only had the instant kind! She didn't care. But I didn't want to not live up to my culinary student-ness, so I jazzed it up with some sides.

Turkey bacon (because I was curious), caramelized onion, diced tomatoes, Momofuku kimchi (made with the SF Food Adventure Club).

ramen & sides

As for the broth, I used regular chicken broth. (Still need to get around to making dashi.) But what was exciting was making my first soft-boiled eggs. Just cracked them right into simmering (small bubbles on the side, not yet boiling) water and watched the whites coagulate in front of my eyes, no sous-viding necessary.

ramen bowl

Topped everything with some cut-up nori strips. Not too shabby!

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