October 27, 2012

marzipan figures

As part of the sculpture I'm working on at my internship, we needed little people figures. Chef ordered a whole box of modeling marzipan expressly for this purpose.

My first task was to make a bunch of different marzipan colors. There were some colors left over from last year that had dried out, but became workable once heated (in the microwave for ten or so seconds) and incorporated with new marzipan.

I portioned out the same amount for each color.


Used food coloring and kneaded the marzipan to get the right color and consistency.

marzipan green

After repeating this process a dozen times (and getting my hands dyed different colors), I had a whole "crayon box" full of colors.

marzipan colors

For the figures, I made torsos, legs, hats and shoes. In all the colors.

marzipan figures

The faces got eyes, noses and ears.

marzipan heads

And then I made marzipan Oprah. (Chef was doing a bunch of celebrities.)

marzipan oprah

And then we needed monsters, so I shaped whatever my fingers felt like. Didn't know I had that much imagination! (They became Oprah's new friends.)

marzipan monsters

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