December 20, 2011

tiramisu reimagined

After sausage and cheese, Tishara and I got to work on crafting the dessert while Jason, Dustin and LaToya worked on an entree. While poring over the pastry textbook in the library, Tishara mentioned that she liked ladyfingers. While I didn't want to make tiramisu, I thought we could make something that was the tiramisu deconstructed.

To do this I thought about the flavor components involved in tiramisu - chocolate, cinnamon, cocoa, cream. Each of these components would be reconstructed as something else.

First there was chocolate. We decided to do chocolate cups to hold our dessert. To do this we had to inflate some water balloons with air, manually. My lungs weren't up to the task, but Tishara got it done.

chocolate-glazed balloons

Glazin the balloons (to form the cup shape) proved to be no easy feat. Although we chose to use chocolate glaze (easy) as opposed to tempering chocolate (hard), what gave us trouble was trying not to have the balloons explode on us. First the glaze was too hot, then we were applying too much pressure. Eventually I was able to get the balloons all glazed by rotating them through the glaze on an angle (as opposed to sinking them directly in). Then we had to double-dip them because the glaze was too thin.

The next day we eased the balloons out by poking them with a skewer and letting the air out slowly (popping them would have destroyed the cups). Chef told us that they would come out more easily if we had sprayed them with oil and wiped them off (for just the thinnest layer of oil).

cinnamon ice cream

The cinnamon and cream components were turned into cinnamon ice cream, made with the help of an ice cream maker (and Devon's expertise). Cooking the creme anglaise (ice cream base) was the hardest part - one batch was destroyed because the temperature got a little high and the eggs in the cream got cooked.

tiramisu reimagined

The cocoa component was the finishing touch - in the form of cocoa nib tuile cookie garnishing the tops of each dessert.

We kept the ladyfinger component though - they're crumbled in bits underneath the ice cream.

Turned out delicious, and that's just the beginning of my journey in dessert.

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