December 20, 2011

mini chicken & waffles

For our last day of skills week, we did a couple of appetizers. Tishara and I continued together to make mini chicken and waffles.

making chicken rounds

To make the chicken pieces small, we used a round cutter on some chicken breasts.

breading chicken rounds

These were floured, egged and breadcrumbed. The flour was seasoned with poultry seasoning, onion, cayenne, salt and pepper and leaned toward the spicy side.

mini chicken & waffles

The waffles were made with a standard waffle iron, then quartered. I added a bit of orange zest to the batter to freshen things up.

The waffles were topped with maple syrup and cinnamon butter - piped with a star tip to look nice.

As for the garnish, we were recently taught how to cut strawberries into roses, so we did that. I made bouquets out of the roses by using skewers as stems, apple peels as leaves, and an orange as a base.

A pretty end to second semester of culinary school.


  1. omg. this is like one of skye's favorite foods! :) totally awesome with coleslaw.

  2. This is so awesome! it sounds like you do an interesting spin on the preparation, do you serve maple syrup on the side? The presentation is wonderful here.

    ...also, hows life?

  3. ...and I just noticed the part where you say "...were topped with maple syrup..." sorry