December 20, 2011

making cheese

There are some simple miracles in cooking that seem to make everything worthwhile. Meringue is one of these miracles. Making cheese is another one, as I so discovered.

simmered milk and citric acid

This is milk, brought to a simmer with citric acid added in. It took a few tries with the citric acid for it to curdle, but then all I did was pour the mixture through a china cap strainer layered with cheesecloth...

ricotta cheese

And there, freshly made ricotta cheese.


Making mascarpone cheese wasn't much different, simmered heavy cream with the addition of tartaric acid. Then poured into coffee filters set in plastic baskets, chilled in the refrigerator overnight.

You can make your own too! Supplies here.


  1. That reminds me the day when I had about 28 gallons of milk and made it into cheese and froze it. I used regular white vinegar, what exactly did you use for citric acid?

  2. Citric acid is just a powder, I'm guessing it's more concentrated than other acids since there's no water. You can buy it online if you like: