June 9, 2012

mole negro

Cris and I discovered the best little restaurant - El Quinque, just a block away from our hotel. Stumbled in for lunch, delighted to discover that they had both Mexican and Italian items on the menu. Cris ordered lasagna.


I couldn't eat any but asked for a side of mashed avocado, which I swallowed with some difficulty. That, and some of the housemade lemonade, made up my lunch. When it came time to pay, they only charged us for lasagna! No charge for the lemonades or the avocado. And they gave us a sample of the just-cooked black beans for free too. Needless to say, I'll be going back.

On the sickness front, I still can barely eat or talk since the canker sores are all over my mouth and throat. In fact, whenever I even try to drink something, it's painful and my face gets scrunched up like this.

difficulty drinking

Today we finished making the mole negro - the prepped ingredients were pureed and cooked/stirred over the stove for over an hour. Pieces of poached chicken were added at the end. Besides chicken mole we also made black beans (a lot of mole-type spices were added to that) as well as rice with peas and carrots. At the end of class we got to eat.


Originally I was going to attempt some bean juice and rice, but upon spying the blender I decided to make myself a pureed dinner, with pieces of chicken and everything. It may look gross, but I was stoked just to be able to get some protein inside me.

pureed dinner

Sadly this was our last class with Señora Soledad. She hardly even teaches anymore, only journeying into the city for these classes with us.

last class with soledad

She actually lives near Monte Alban, which is where we'll be visiting tomorrow!

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