June 17, 2012

free weekend: 2 of 2

Woke up early today for a massage with Margarita, the healer at Casa del Angel. While Cris had his massage I wanted to get a pedicure, so Margarita called her friend over. Her friend thought I had wanted fake nails, so she didn't bring any of her nail polish. She called somebody else to bring some for her, but all the shops were closed since it was Sunday. So I offered to go with her to her house. That started an hour-long adventure in which I walked a long way with her mom and aunt, got to practice my Spanish, and ended up at the Mexican version of Costco in front of this nail polish display.

nail polish selection

Chose the color I wanted and got to take public transit back to Casa del Angel. It seemed to me that Ann, my pedicurist, didn't actually do pedicures, but with the both of us working on my toes we actually got it done. And then I had my massage with Margarita, who literally shifted the energies in my body - I could feel the heat emanating from her hands. Also she told me that my left shoulder feels dislocated. It's a lot lower than my right shoulder, most probably from years and years of carrying my purse on my left side.

After the massages we went to Marco Polo, a restaurant known for its seafood. I got wood-fired red snapper, covered in shrimp and corn and bell pepper and melted manchego cheese.

cheesy wood-fired red snapper

Then we wander downtown for museums, and it was just our luck that Sunday = free museum day! First we stumbled upon the stamp museum, where there were stamps from all around the world, as well as an extensive collection of Mexican stamps and artifacts, including letters written by Frida Kahlo and even certificates of stocks she purchased!

stamps from around the world

Then we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art, where we ran into Chef Mark and looked at lots of what he called "weird things". I liked this wall decal/graffiti the best. The words read: "don't die with your music still in you".

don't die with your music still in you

Afterward we went to the frozen yogurt place right next to Burger King. The toppings were extensive, as with any Pinkberry or Yogurtland back in the states. But the yogurt was very different. It was like whipped cream, only with that yogurty tartness.

yogurt topping selection

For dinner we tried out the Moroccan place a couple blocks away from the hotel. I got the chicken & vegetable couscous, which was very much like comfort food. Our bill wasn't comforting though - just like lunch, we paid as much as we would've for a restaurant meal back in the states. Might have to resort to eating leftovers for the rest of the trip...

couscous chicken & vegetables

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