May 23, 2011

a slow recovery

So I've abstained a bit from blogging because of the whole exhaustion thing, but now that finals week is coming to a close, I'm feeling more relaxed (and more like a normal person), so I foresee some blogging in the near future.

Coming up are posts on:
- the plated desserts station
- the bread station (the most intense but arguably the most enjoyable of them all)

And maybe some posts on:
- what I make at home, now that I have some time
- food-related volunteering and/or internships I'll be taking on this summer

I would love suggestions on what kind of posts you would like to see. Also feel free to ask questions or request recipes, I'm pretty open!


  1. If you can get a good Muffaletta sandwich together, you'll have a friend nonpareil in John F., our steward there.

  2. Hi there! I'm a first semester culinary student and I definitely agree with you on the bread station. Chef is always making sure our bread's in the oven on time since the dough requires time bulk fermenting, proofing, and baking. Now that I'm in cake & tarts, I miss it D: