May 2, 2011

all for the cookie

Cookie station has the reputation of being the easiest station. You make cookie dough, portion it into scoops on trays, and then you bake them off. The difficulty lies in having all the doughs on reserve so you don't have to make every single cookie dough from scratch every day.

When I inherited the station there was not much in reserve, so I was low on cookie variations for a few days until I made enough doughs to catch up. Also it's a small station - only two people - and my partner wasn't always there, so it was a lonely station too.

The cookies we made (a dozen jumbo-sized and a dozen mini-sized each):
- chocolate chip
- double chocolate chip
- oatmeal raisin
- peanut butter (had to be kept separate from the others for allergy concerns)
- coconut macaroon (super easy, just coconut shreds in heated egg whites and sugar)
- russian tea (seen below, rolled in powdered sugar)
- and also brownies (not a cookie but also portioned as jumbo and mini)

russian tea cookies

The jumbo cookies were packaged two to a bag and sold in the cafeteria, while the mini cookies were displayed in the Pierre Coste Room (commonly known as PCR), the on-campus fine dining restaurant staffed by 2nd semester students. For each cookie plated on the display, we held five in reserve to actually serve to people.

For the PCR we also made other fancy cookie-like things, which included madeleines, palmiers (which I've always known as the heart-shaped cookie), shortbread (pictured below in triangle slices) and tuile cookies (pictured below as curvy shapes).

cookie plate (dining room)

The tuile cookies (which I loved for their cocoa nibs and caramel-y crispness) were made curvy with the help of a curved tuile pan. If you drop the cookies in while they're freshly hot out of the oven, they cool into the shape of the pan. Neat trick, huh?

tuile cookies


  1. you've got me craving cookies! :) nice work, jo. love the pic of you in your chef hat. so cool!! miss ya...

  2. Thanks for reading Vanessa! Miss you too.