April 17, 2011

cake on me

Over the course of my time in Cakes and Tarts, we got better at making and decorating cakes.

devils food cake

This was a devil's food cake Sydney put together.

chocolate caramel cake

This was a chocolate caramel cake slice I decorated - I really love the saucing part, it's almost like painting.

carrot cake

These were mini carrot cakes I put together, with cream cheese frosting and candied carrot shreds on top. (Candy-ing was quite an easy process, just simple syrup and the carrot shreds in a pan over heat!)

crumb topping

Once in a while though, Chef would still come by and show us a trick or two on how to disguise one of our "homelier" cakes. Here he is coating the cake sides with chocolate crumbs.

mirror glazing mousse cake

And here he is showing us how to mirror glaze the mousse cake that was my crowning achievement, made on my last day in Cakes and Tarts.

cutting mousse cake

It practically took the entire team to cut the darn thing, it had just come out of the freezer (required for the mousse to set, another reason why mousse is so effort-intensive!). There was so much mousse I made three cakes, which the team was able to use after I left.

Yay cake!

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