September 15, 2012

birthday biscuits

In honor of my birthday, Cris and I cooked together like old times. It started out with leftover biscuit dough. And the green beans/mushrooms/onion I'd purchased at a little store down the street.

We needed something to tie everything together. I thought about sliced turkey, my preferred deli meat. And then it came together - gravy, cranberry sauce. Champagne too, since we were celebrating. Did you know that organic Korbel tastes different/better than the conventional kind?

birthday biscuits

The biscuits he baked, the green beans I sauteed. The gravy was made from defrosted chicken stock, cooked with mirepoix and thickened with roux. Cranberry sauce was from a can! And thinned with some gravy. And there was sliced deli turkey. It doesn't have to be complicated (or even made from scratch) to be good!

birthday biscuit dinner

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