April 7, 2012

marshmallow bunnies!

In honor of Easter, and in preparation for a dinner tomorrow night, I decided to attempt marshmallows at home. And not just any marshmallows. Bunny-shaped ones. In other words, I was trying to recreate peeps.

After work I stopped by Daiso, the premiere $1.50 cute Japanese goods store. They had a bunny cookie cutter in just the right size.

At home, I cooked 8 oz of sugar (a little more than a cup) with 2.5 oz of water (roughly 1/3 cup) to softball stage - didn't have my thermometer handy so I couldn't tell if it actually got to 240F, so I just guessed.

Then I streamed the sugar syrup into the kitchenaid, which had been beating 2 egg whites to medium peaks. To this I added 4.5 sheets of gelatin (equivalent to 5.5 teaspoons of gelatin powder), which I had bloomed in water. (To see pictures of this process, check out the time I made marshmallows at school).

Then I added just a bit of vanilla extract for flavor, and poured the mixture into a casserole dish lined with oiled parchment paper. I spread the mixture around evenly, then laid another piece of oiled parchment paper on top.

While waiting for the marshmallow to set, I measured out four dishes of sugar, 1 oz (~2 tablespoons) each. To each dish I added only one drop of food coloring, and stirred the sugar with the back of a spoon until the color dispersed.

colored sugar

Once the marshmallow set I cut out bunny shapes, keeping the mold cutter in a dish of hot water between cuts.

bunny mold

Each piece was rolled in colored sugar and arranged on the plate.

marshmallow bunnies

Once I had enough of each color I combined all of the sugars into one plate. I just happened to have some bunnies left over so I rolled those around in the multicolored pixie-stick-like mixture and got some multicolored bunnies.

multicolored bunnies

If I had more time (and some flavored extracts) I would definitely make each color a different flavor. The vanilla isn't bad, the colors just make you expect different.

Although I was afraid the sugar wasn't hot enough and that the marshmallow mixture seemed too soft before it set, the marshmallows did set up well and tasted very soft and perhaps extra fluffy. Guess eyeballing can work in some cases.

Happy Easter everyone!

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